She slitherezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.jpgz (125x125)[181]d feet first into an unsuspecting world on July the tenth 1979. Her parents, Anne and Rupert Pinkerton, were so proud of Rosey who was to be their only child and the apple of their eyes! A diminutive child with a mop of blonde hair, and blue eyes the size of saucers.

She grew up in the exclusive area of London that is Primrose Hill. She had a privileged upbringing and went to the finest schools money could provide including Roedean in Sussex. Unfortunately, she was never particularly academic and was a complete no-hoper at sports, but she stayed the course and emerged with a few basic qualifications and a bunch of like-minded friends.

University was not for her, so her parents insisted she got a job, the idea being that she would mix with young people from lower down the social scale and therefore have a better grounding in life. So she got a position as a helper in toddler’s playgroup run in the stately home of her parent’s friend Lady Emilia Jameson. Each day she would welcome the children of the locally wealthy delivered in posh cars by their nannies.

After a while, however, she decided to rebel and shocked her parents by taking a job as a cashier at a local supermarket. Mummy and Daddy decided it would be better to support her financially than suffer the indignity of having their daughter serve the great unwashed, and so she left. Until recently she helped out where she could in one of her father’s Mercedes dealerships, and enjoys the use of a rather snazzy two-seater job in the palest shade of lilac. Right now she’s a teaching assistant in a local school.

She lives in a beautiful flat overlooking the sea in Eastbourne which she shares with two fluffy balls of white fur and whiskers answering to the names of Fuzzybutt and Scruff.

She’s very green-minded and a bit of a vegetarian, but not all of the time! Her favourite charity is a child’s one and she goes to church if she wakes up in time on a Sunday morning.

Rosey doesn’t have a best friend. She prefers the company and security of a group. Everybody adores her, not just because of her scatty ways, but because she has the most generous and caring nature you will ever come across. She sees no bad in anyone nor anything, and that is why we try to protect her from those who might try to take advantage. Rosey has never had a proper boyfriend. She’s had a few on-off relationships, but even in her thirties, she’s not ready to settle down.

Rosey does have down days, and it’s then she takes solace in the white wine. Not to extremes. It doesn’t take more than a couple of drinks to set her giggling and bring her back to her fun-loving self again.

What will become of her? I don’t know. We don’t know. Even she doesn’t know! One thing’s for sure though. Whoever comes into contact with her will be blessed by her friendship and that is a gift no amount of money can buy.