Rosey livens up the footie final!

I love Rosey dearly but sometimes she can be so damn childish.

A couple of our friends begged us for our support on Sunday because they were playing in a football match down on the green. Village footie is not very well supported, so the more people there to cheer them on the better!

So off I went with Rosey with our friend Amanda in tow. Now our mates take their Sunday football very seriously and this week they were playing in the final of the Sussex Inter-village Cup. It was quite an achievement for them to get that far.

We stood along the touchline with a crowd of bored looking wives and girlfriends who shivered and chattered without even glancing at the battle being fought out by their loved ones. I don’t know what Rosey and Amanda were finding so funny but I got the feeling they were hatching some kind of plot. There were about ten minutes to go and the score was nil nil. One of the players kicked the ball out of touch and it rolled towards the girls. I just knew what was about to happen. It was my worst nightmare.

Rosey and Amanda took control of the Ball and started running away from the pitch kicking it to each other whilst almost hysterical with laughter. I was SO embarrassed. I tried pretending that they weren’t with me.‘Come on lads’ shouted one of the blue team, and with that, all twenty-two players thundered off the pitch and went in pursuit of Rosey and Amanda. I have to admit it was a funny sight. The girls were so skilful. They were passing the ball back and forth and running, twisting and turning whilst leaving the boys confused, exhausted and in total disarray!

Then they started heading back in the direction of the pitch leaving the players gasping for breath.‘Now’ shouted Rosey. They were twenty yards from the goal. Amanda sent the ball high into the sky, and as it began its decent Rosey leapt into the air and with a flick of her head, she butted it straight into the net!

Suddenly there was an enormous cheer from the wives and girlfriends who had suddenly found football the greatest game on earth. Although the game resumed, Rosey’s goal remained the only one scored all afternoon. As a result, the contest will have to be re-played next Sunday. You will not be surprised to learn that as a result of their prank Rosey and Amanda have been barred from attending.