Rosey leads the carnival procession!

It was the day of carnival procession. Halfway down the snaking column, Rosey was in charge of a group of kids from school dressed as fruit and vegetables. Rosey was a carrot and wore an orange sheet sewed into a point at the bottom! However, its design seriously impeded her forward progress. Consequently, she, her flock, two bands, three floats and all the other participants behind her became separated from the front half of the procession which after a while disappeared from sight.

When they reached the crossroads Rosey was unsure which way to go.  Unfortunately, she chose the wrong way seemingly unaware of the sudden absence of onlookers.  Little Lester the Lettuce realised and ran up to Rosey, losing a leaf on the way. Unflappable as ever, Rosey immediately started a U-turn. The road was a little narrow, so when the Bagpipe Band heading north had to pass the float of aged pensioners still facing south, a battle of walking sticks and drumsticks ensued. Thankfully it was soon sorted and once again they were all marching the same way.

Rosey ripped open the bottom of her costume so she could take longer strides. Her newly liberated legs paced forward at such a speed, the other marchers and musicians had to trot to keep up. Minutes later they arrived at the carnival area breathless but relieved.

The rest of the afternoon was a great success with all sorts of activities going on. Rosey held court in the beer tent over a bottle of ice cold Chardonnay.  I doubt she’ll be in charge next year!