Rosey and cigarettes!

Rosey occasionally returns one of her old habits. Smoking! She used to get through 20 a day, but she decided to cut right down. It wasn’t the dire warnings of premature death that caused her to re-evaluate her habit. Nor the cost, nor even the fact that since the smoking ban she needed to stand out in the street when she needed a fix of nicotine. No, she cut down when one of us told her that her fingers and her fringe would turn yellow if she continued!

While she stood outside in a cloud of smoke, we recalled the time when she stubbed a cigarette out in what she assumed was a dish of potpourri crystals left on the bar for that very purpose. A second or two later she turned crimson when she saw someone dipping their fingers in the dish and placing some of the stuff in their mouth. It was then she realised that it wasn’t a fragrant ashtray after all – it was a dish of dried fruits placed there for the enjoyment of the drinkers! Only Rosey could do that!