Rosey, a fairy and a bee

Rosey was sitting on her balcony with a bottle of Chardonnay and her beautiful sea view for company. Nothing unusual there I hear you say. The next thing I tell you, however, you’ll either believe or not. Me? I’m sitting on the fence! Actually, it wasn’t me perched on the scarcement, but a fairy. The little sylph looked somewhat upset so Rosey asked her what was wrong, and the fairy beckoned her over then whispered in her ear. She said there was nasty little boy down below in the street and he’d very been rude to her. Rosey recognised the little smatchet straight away. He was a trouble-maker from her class at school. Rosey often sends him to the naughty corner.

The next thing you need to believe is that Rosey has a tame bee that often sits with her! Ok, I know, but bear with me. She sent the bee down to chase the wretched boy away and he ran off flapping his hands. The fairy kissed Rosey on the cheek then flew away.

Rosey assured me that she hadn’t imagined it because the lad arrived at school the next day with a swollen red nose. He told her he’d been stung by a bee.



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