Rosey leads the carnival procession!

It was the day of carnival procession. Halfway down the snaking column, Rosey was in charge of a group of kids from school dressed as fruit and vegetables. Rosey was a carrot and wore an orange sheet sewed into a point at the bottom! However, its design seriously impeded her forward progress. Consequently, she, her… Continue reading Rosey leads the carnival procession!

Rosey loses some friends

I found my friend Rosey sitting in her garage looking rather sad. “What’s up?” I asked. She said she’d lost some of her friends. I remembered a quote I saw online. “In life, we never lose friends, we only learn who the true ones are” She adopted one of her confused expressions; not the ‘totally… Continue reading Rosey loses some friends

Imagine swapping lives with Rosey

Some people lead charmed lives. As babies, they are smothered with ooo’s and aaah’s of admiration. During childhood, they shimmer with an aura that leaves their peers cowering in the shade. Academic qualifications matter not. Who needs university degrees when personality propels one to heights of popularity and opens doors which thinkers and academics can only lean… Continue reading Imagine swapping lives with Rosey