Rosey’s New Year Revolutions!

Just after Christmas a few of us met for a drink at the pub.  We talked about this and that, then suddenly, with a flourish deserving of a thespian, my friend Rosey  produced a crumpled piece of paper from her overstuffed handbag. ‘These’ she proclaimed ‘are my New Year revolutions’ ‘I think you mean resolutions’… Continue reading Rosey’s New Year Revolutions!

Rosey loves dressing up!

  My friend Rosey loves dressing up. She went to a baby shower the other day wrapped from head to foot in toilet paper. She said it was the closest she’d ever get to being a mummy! Last month, Posh Pierre invited several of us for a posh banquet at his posh apartment. I thought… Continue reading Rosey loves dressing up!